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Rick Rickert - Trustee Sale Basics, Auction Theory, Exit Strategies

“Now is the time to do something radically different in your career, and Auction Pro Academy is the answer. ”

Adam Child - Hard Money, Private Money, Qualification

“If you are going to become a successful Real Estate agent or investor, it is essential that you understand how to source and use hard money lenders. ”

Gary Cornia - Inspections, What to Look For…

“I get into the spaces in a home that you as an investor usually don’t. You have to know what’s wrong or your buyer’s inspector will find it and expect you to pay for all the repairs or the buyer may withdraw their offer.”

Rick Cocita - Insurance, Liability


Mark Zinman - Evictions


Mark Winsor -Legal

“Verbal agreements in Real Estate might be common and traditional in some cases, but they are NOT good, even when working with someone you know.”

Dann Barbakoff - Title Issues

“Having title insurance is the key to protecting your Real Estate investment. It’s one of the first things you must take care of when you buy a property. ”